It's so lovely to meet you. At the heart of who I am is a wife, mama, photographer, Jesus follower, blogger, business owner, daughter, banana pudding ice cream lover, youtube fanatic, and lover of love. I truly feel happiest when I am spending time with my family, going for walks around our neighborhood, getting in the Word and spending time with God or am behind my camera capturing the beauty around me.

As someone who loves to capture timeless memories and has a passion for marriage, love and families, I get so excited about being able to tell YOUR story. I focus on capturing real, raw, and intimate moments to tell the story of your day as it naturally unfolds. I aim to capture these memories as well as build genuine relationships with every family and couple that stands in front of our lens.

i'm Sarah.

Hey friend!

from my hunky husband!



specifically those from my sweet baby girl, she makes my heart explode!

Baby Giggles


Especially through childbirth! 
Now offering birth photography has been such an amazing experience.

Empowering women


at weddings, at parties, at my house, where ever! 

champange toasts


It's true, I'm a huge YouTube fan, my husband and I even have our own family channel. Check it out HERE.



Or really anything that gets us outside. Especially walks at a leisurely pace, with good conversations and giggles, of course!

Strawberry picking


My hubby and I are moving soon and can't wait to turn our patio into a place we will love. You'll definitely find us spending evenings with our friends and family! 

back patio nights


Although I rarely get to ride, I love when my sweet couples exit their wedding fairytale style!

carriage rides


Man oh man, what a joy it is. He is the best daddy to our little lady! I love them both something fierce.

Watching this man be a dad


We love to travel and experience new places. The next big trip we hope to take will be to Europe!




things I'm crazy about

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See our full story timeline below

we would talk for HOURS. Like nothing changed. It wasn't until the summer before our Senior year of college that we started seeing each other more frequently again. He went to NC State and I at UNCW. We would go on dates, talk for hours, and finally in January of 2016 we were officially dating!

My husband and I met in 2007 when we were just babies in eighth grade. We were each others first boyfriend and girlfriend all those years back. In the middle of that year I ended up moving from Cary, NC to Charlotte, NC and ultimately Cameron and I broke up. 

We stayed friends and would Skype here and there. Anytime we did

i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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It all started...

Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke 

Our Story

Love Story Timeline


Sarah + Cameron were both finally ready to date again and made it official in January!

Sarah + Cameron tied the not at the Mims House in Holly Springs, NC and honeymooned at Carmel By the Sea!




Cameron asked Sarah to spend the rest of her life with him and of course she said YES!

The Reaves family got even bigger with the addition of Evelyn Grace Reaves - their sweet babygirl!

Big things to come this year!


Cameron wanted to date Sarah again, but Sarah wasn't ready! 

Sarah wanted to date Cameron again, but Cameron wasn't ready! 


Cameron went to NC State, studying Human Bio and Sarah went to UNC Wilmington studying Event Planning


Sarah moved to Charlotte from Raleigh and they parted ways due to the move.


Sarah + Cameron met! (They were eachother's first boyfriend and girlfriend in 8th grade)



Stay at the Tickle Pink Inn in Carmel by the Sea.

Travel to Ireland with my hubby and daughter

Run a half marathon!

Learn to make homemade homemade pasta, and do it well! 

Go on a cross country road trip - North Carolina to CA and back!

Own a home with a big front porch!

Get published in my favorite wedding magazine.

On My Bucket List...






How I Got Here: My Story from a girl with a camera to Professional Photographer 
(coming soon)


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