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Have you tried that?? Maybe you have asked that question or someone has asked you.  Your response might be, “No, but I would like to.”  Sara’s response would be, “Yes, let me tell you all about it!”

We got to know Sara through our photo shoot at Thanks a Latte in Holly Springs, and boy is she the sweetest! Her fun loving personality was evident and really shows through her blog.  Her blog is called yeah, she tried that and we linked it here for you 🙂 She lives in Raleigh and shares ALL of her experiences (good & bad) with you on the blog.  Sara even has pictures to prove it!!

Read ALL About Sara on the blog as she lives with her boyfriend right around the corner.  She is all about trying new things and sharing her thoughts.  Check it out- you won’t be disappointed!! Thanks Sara for such a fun coffee date + photo shoot! 🙂


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