Hi, I’m Jena – the Studio Assistant for Lovely Blushes Studio and I couldn’t be more excited to write this post! If any of you have seen our latest post on social media, you know by now that our sweet owner, Sarah, is expecting a little one THIS summer. This family of TWO is about to become a family of THREE. Our Lovely Blushes Team is excited to celebrate this new season for Sarah and Cameron. Sarah is the heart behind this company and are so proud to be a part of this journey with her!

Want to know all the details on how Cameron and Sarah found out they are pregnant and even baby girl’s name?! Well then, keep on reading!

Hi there, Sarah here! Writing this post is so exciting for me – we’re having a BABY GIRL in August! I can’t believe that at this point I am already halfway through my pregnancy (we’re almost 21 weeks now!). Cameron and I have been overwhelmed with gratitude by the amount of love, support and encouragement from all of our sweet friends + family!

So, how did we find out? Were we trying? What’s her name? Any morning sickness? These are just a few of the many questions we have received, so we thought we would answer them here!

HOW I FOUND OUT: We found out SUPER early, at around three and a half weeks! On December 11 I decided to take a pregnancy test because I was feeling really off and just had “a feeling” that I could be pregnant. But, to my surprise it was negative! I hadn’t even told Cam I was going to take a test. The next morning on December 12, I woke up and still felt so off and really not myself, so I decided to take one more test just to see (I had the cheapo test strips from Amazon). I felt so stupid for taking it because it was negative just the night before that I ended up putting it under my sink and forgot about it for 45 minutes until I went back to get my hairspray and instantly saw TWO lines!!! Because, it had been so long I quickly took another one to double check and there it was – a second line!

HOW I TOLD CAMERON: I always had the idea that when we found out we were pregnant one day I was going to have a huge elaborate plan on how I was going to tell Cam. Well that went completely out the door this time. I walked straight out of the bathroom to the living room, and blurted out “I think I’m pregnant.” He immediately jumped up from the couch where he was studying for a test he had to take in an hour and said “Really?! How do you know?” I showed him the two tests I took, his eyes got really big and he said “Yup, that’s definitely two lines.” We both were in shock and overjoyed and excited and nervous all at the same time! That day I got digital tests from the store and again instant confirmation – “PREGNANT.”

WERE WE TRYING: We have always known that we wanted to have children and I have always felt a strong desire to be a mom, but we weren’t necessarily sure what that timing looked like for us. Cameron and I decided early on in our marriage that whatever the Lord’s timing was for our sweet little one to one day arrive was absolutely perfect for us. And we wholeheartedly believe that is true. We couldn’t be more in love with our sweet little girl already! She is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way! We have been able to see God’s hand in every step of our pregnancy so far.

MORNING SICKNESS: Oh yes, 100%. Probably up until week 16 I was out for the count when it came to morning sickness – can anyone say 24 hour sickness?! I ate a lot of ginger, oranges and anything that would help soothe my stomach – but it was definitely rough there for a while. I can confidently say that I am finally through that stage – thank goodness!

BABY GIRLS’ NAME: Cameron and I talked through a lot of name possibilities, but we always came back to these two for her first and middle name. So, what is it you ask?! Baby girls’ name is:

Evelyn Grace Reaves

We already have a nickname for her too! I call her my sweet Evie girl all the time! We absolutely love her!

All in all, we couldn’t be more excited for this new season as parents! I can’t wait to share more updates in the coming months of my growing bump, updates to our nursery, and all that Cameron and I are going to learn as we experience all of this for the first time! If you have any tips or tricks that you want to share, comment them down below. Thank you for joining in on this adventure with us!

Beautiful Photography: Adelyn Boling Photogtaphy | Dress: Pink Blush Maternity


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  1. Sue Jones says:

    You both are so adorable & we all can’t wait to meet precious Evelyn Grace!!!! (Sweet Evie). The photos are so beautiful!

    • littlelovelyblushes says:

      Thank you SO much 🙂 We are so, so excited and can’t wait for her to meet all our sweet friends + family too <3 !!!